The energy bar market is exploding. Just look at the energy bar section of your local grocery store and you will find dozens of choices. But are those energy bars good for your health? Maybe not. This blog explores the benefits of making your own energy bars. By doing so, you are investing in the single most important part of your life — your health. Here are four great reasons why you should consider making your own energy bars.


Health Benefits

By making your own energy bars, you can control the ingredients to ensure they are fresh and free of preservatives. Many of the premade energy bars also add fillers to reduce cost and binders to hold the bars together, neither of which do your body any good. When you make your own energy bars, you can avoid the unnecessary additives and use only wholesome ingredients as Mother Nature intended.


Get Creative

Be creative and make your energy bars the way you like. Add coconut flakes for added flavor and healthy fats or pumpkin seeds for a nice crunch and a protein-packed punch. The options are endless. Tailor the recipe to suit your taste and caloric needs. Experiment to discover what gives you a morning boost, or curbs your afternoon sweet tooth, or satisfies you after a strenuous workout.



Lose Weight

Struggling to shed a few extra pounds off the mid-section? Incorporating healthy energy bars into your snacking is a great way to amp up the metabolism. By eating more frequently (5-6 times a day), you put your body into fat-burn mode. You also keep your blood sugar stable, which reduces cravings.

Pre-made bars have a fixed number of calories, but if you make your own energy bars, you can decide the portion size that suits your needs — a smaller bar for a snack, or a larger portion as a meal replacement or post-workout recovery.


Establish Positive Eating Habits

Humans are creatures of habit. By making your own energy bars, you are laying a foundation for healthy eating. The process of choosing healthy ingredients and combining them together to make your own energy bar increases your awareness of what is going into your body. That in turn leads to smarter choices, and a healthier lifestyle. Take pride in creating each bar with love and care. Your body will thank you.

Making your own energy bars is fun. It can be creative. And most of all, it is good for your health. If you are sold on the idea of making your own energy bars, but don’t relish the idea of shopping for the ingredients and doing the preparation, don’t despair. MixABar makes it easy — just mix with water and refrigerate (no baking required) for totally natural, preservative-free energy bars with the perfect balance of nutrients your body needs. MixABar is delicious as-is or you can be creative and customize it with your personal touch. And MixABar is so easy, even your kids can make it.