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Why make your own energy bars?

The energy bar market is exploding. Just look at the energy bar section of your local grocery store and you will find dozens of choices. But are those energy bars good for your health? Maybe not. This blog explores the benefits of making your own energy bars. By doing...

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Are apples good for you?

Sounds like a silly question right?  Actually, it’s not so silly.  It all depends on how the apple is presented.  We like to think of food in terms of grades, similar to how we are graded in school.  An “A” means that a food is really good for you and an “F” means...

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Why Organic?

So why eat organic?  Here are two very good reasons. It’s better for your health. It’s better for the environment. In this blog, we'll explain the ins and outs of organic food and why you should buy organic whenever possible.  Sure, it is a bit pricier than...

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Meet Anna, our first MixAmbassador

5/3/18:  Meet Anna, our first MixAmbassador MixABar is dedicated to supporting our community and promoting the everyday athlete.  We are proud to introduce and support our new MixAmbassador, Anna Bjorkenvall. She is preparing for an Iron Man triathlon, and MixABar is...

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What you should look for in an energy bar.

This is the story behind MixABar and why it was created.  In telling this story, I hope to bring a little awareness to what you should look for in an energy bar.  A number of years ago, I was a big fan of protein shakes.  But, then I wanted something more convenient,...

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Smiley’s Nutrition Guidelines

If you want to get trim, this program will do it.  A few years ago, several colleagues followed this program and between 12 of us, we dropped over 300 pounds in 3 months. Many people think that exercise is the key to getting fit, but that is only part of the solution....

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